Doing 200 businesses and you may 1500 newly graduated college students had took part in this study

He offered their advice concerning development out of aging off inhabitants, stressing that it’s very important to evaluate the training construction for the society since this is exactly what mostly describes the attributes.

Out-of one hundred the new students whom enrol about advanced schooling program on a yearly basis, it is asked one to merely thirteen commonly complete its studies and you may select work equal to its certification. This data is away from a call at-breadth analysis titled “Advanced schooling and Work Field about West Balkans” presented to your Eu Payment number of years back, and because it absolutely was presented, little has changed on the region regarding the Serbia.

The author of survey one to integrated our nation, Milica Uvalic, Professor from Business economics at the University from Perugia, claims the secret difficulties are still a comparable. One is the way of resource universities, centered on and this student charges continue to be among the many sources of income, which is why how many children who afford the costs is not influenced by the labor industry requires, but of the an excellent faculty’s requirement for a certain amount of income. The other is the fact that curricula do not well enough ready yourself this new people toward perform they are designed to do when they scholar.

“We had been astonished that over 80% out-of firms that took part in the brand new survey mentioned that they had so you can while doing so train their freshly graduated professionals. During the traits, hundreds of some body don’t acquire the experience and you can knowledge they necessary for the new work field. Another problem is there are too many people doing operate where he or she is overqualified. This proves that there is good difference involving the highest knowledge system and also the labour market,” told you Teacher Uvalic.

One of many good reason why more youthful, very experienced somebody get-off the world is the failure discover a position. Though, within federal height, the fresh jobless speed within society is gloomier than among the youngsters instead faculty degree, it’s still 3 times more than this new Eu average. It questionnaire keeps provided you are able to solutions to this problem: most useful union involving the labour field in addition to higher education system; normal group meetings between your agencies off universities and you may company to get a definite insight into the new employers’ needs; required internship and you will trainings after all traits… But not, very little progress has been made on the utilization of this type of actions.

A few things was altering in the an inexplicably sluggish trends, while some continue to be unchanged for too long instead of a good reason

However, the problem is not only in the greater studies program, and that educates a labour force that the labor market doesn’t need, without having any appropriate sets of studies and you may skills.

“It will be the labor markets alone which is in an exceedingly worst county, and it will will always be in order long just like the discover a lack of faster rate of growth, expansion of one’s private sector and you can healthier assistance so you’re able to smaller than average average enterprises. In fact, Serbia’s essential problem is overly slow economic advancement. Including, the new Labour Code could have been altered unnecessary moments, however efforts paid of the companies remain extremely high, this is exactly why many companies try performing throughout the grey zone and to prevent expenses taxes for the county,”, claims Professor Uvalic.

She believes our country still cannot some greeting the theory out-of younger masters returning out of abroad

One of the reasons for this, she states, ‘s the fear of race: “If someone possess an excellent dple, and you may desires to come back here, this person can sometimes face closed gates at the school just like the its peers aren’t also pleased to keep them straight back. That is something should certainly be altered,” claims Teacher Uvalic.